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Biomechanical Running Assessment by a qualified Physiotherapist

Many incidences of running injuries are caused from maladaptation ie. change in training routine, sudden or irregular training patterns; change of shoes; change of surface etc.

If you are a recreational runner or are training for an event and you are suffering symptoms attributed to your running, either during or after your run, book in for a Running Assessment with our physiotherapist Jo Hadley. She can assess your running style, correct problematic running patterns and give you advice on how to manage and minimise these problems.

If you are wishing to transition to minimalist shoes, such as barefoot running shoes, then Jo can discuss with you how to transition into these shoes gradually and explain why the transition needs to be slow, especially if you are used to using shoes with lots of cushioning and high heel drop.

Our Physio Running Assessment includes:

  • Assessing your running style.
  • Biomechanical check.
  • Advice on training surfaces; training volume and intensity; shoes.

So bring your running shoes and gear. We're located on Macquarie Street, in Sydney CBD near to Martin Place.

Call (02) 9223 3923 or Book Online for a Physio Running Assessment.

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